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Electronic Media (TV)

Class I – Citrus Connection

Target Audience: Non-bus riding public
Project Cost: $9,500
Description: This was a P.R. campaign – purpose was to impress on the non-riding public the importance of public transit to the community. Measurement will occur when the referendum is brought before the public requesting funding support. We want this commercial to help shape their understanding of public transit.

Class II – LYNX

Target Audience: Commuters looking for an alternative to car travel
Project Cost: $43,400
Description: Is there a way to make riding public transportation look sexy? The answer from LYNX is YES! Does it get results? ABSOLUTELY! Start the commerical with a shadowy, dark background, add a dash of haunting, tension-building music, throw in some distinctive, gray graphics and let the music stir the mix demonstratively until you reach a completely unexpected ending. Those are the elements of LYNX promo ads that ran on local television, the talk of the town when released. The rhythm of each ad had a feeling that something big was coming and it was – a bright, shiny, 40-ft LYNX bus ready to take customers whereever they needed to go. The ads ran almost daily the first four months of 2008, coinciding with a fare increase that took effect Jan. 6 of this year. Nevertheless, ridership increased more than 7 percent during that time, at least in part because the TV ads helped people riding the bus for the first time feel more comfortable about the experience.